Budget Estimates

Preliminary and comprehensive estimates of construction cost for budget purposes. Cost optimisation to bring project costs to within the client’s budgeted parameters which entails;

Cost Planning and Control

Receiving commission/instruction from the client and advising on various courses of action and procedures to suit the particular requirements of the project.

Feasibility Studies

Examining and advising clients on the viability of a project and preparing the documentation thereof of the proposed developments.

Construction Procurement & Docs

Olwe-Africa QS will advise the Employer on the various contractual methods of building, trying to the best of our ability to match them against the client’s time and cost criteria.

Contract Management

Examining and verifying pricing of tender documents including preparing same for incorporation into the signed contract.

Construction Management

Training and development of emerging contractors, Resourcing and scheduling for construction sites, Budget and cost control

Project Management

Coordination of project activities, Urban infrastructure upgrades, Rural and urban labour intensive projects, Cost control of projects

Community Development Programmes

Small contractor development and training, Community development and capacity building, Community liaison and project facilitation

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